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HoH Owner

Richard “Richie” Absher

Prior to being introduced to the grooming world, Richard attended IRSC to study fine arts to become a painter, he has always had a passion for painting and still does to this day. While attending IRSC Richard worked at PetSmart as a bather to afford tuition and finances, eventually Richard was promoted to become a groomer and attended PetSmart’s Academy for groomers, a month long training of learning basic skills, safety and breed cuts, once Richard completed his training, also completing 100 dogs as a hands on training. Richard was captivated by the industry, learning everything he can from tutorials, books, seminars, and going to grooming expos, he learned advance techniques to find balance in each individual dog and to create custom grooms that clients desire.

Richard looks forward in the near future of competing in grooming competitions and eventually getting his masters grooming certificate in all breeds categories. Richard has been grooming for over a decade now, he promises that he will always give your pet the best, with love, kindness and a passion for grooming.

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5445 NW Dunn Rd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34983

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday: 11:00-7pm
Wednesday – Saturday: 9-6pm
Sunday: Closed



Baths includes….

  • iGROOM’s tearless facial shampoo to prevent dryness and irritation.
  • HYPONIC natural therapy shampoo for the initial bathing to help remove grease buildup with natural cleansing agents, while conditioning your pups skin and coat.
  • Secondary shampooing we have three variety of HYPONIC shampoos to treat each individual pups coat and skin.
    – Deep cleansing/whitening treatment
    – Clipper cut/moisturizing treatment
    – Volumizing/De-shed treatment
    (All HYPONIC shampoos are hypoallergenic with natural components, also all of the shampoos do not require conditioner because they all have moisturizing ingredients)
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail grinding
  • Teeth brushing
  • Anal glands. (ONLY BY REQUEST)
  • Spritz of iGROOM’s variety cologne/perfume.

Call 772-224-7661 to schedule your appointment

Grooms include

  • Bath, nails, ears, and teeth
  • Your choice of haircut and style.
    – AKC breed standard cuts or modify breed cuts too easily maintain your pups coat and still have their breed standard look.
    – Custom haircuts
    – Asian- fusion haircuts
    – Modern trims

*Additional charges will be added to Bath or Groom for bad condition/matted coats, hand scissor trims, and full coated breeds. These conditions take a longer time frame. You may be rescheduled for a day more suited if you are not upfront at the time of making a appointment.*

HandStripping:  $100.00/ hr

Handstripping is a technique used on wire coat breeds to achieve a healthy coat and skin, this technique is used to keep the wire coat vibrant.

Please call the salon for a consultation to see if your pup is right for this service and for more info.


De-matting fees

  • $1 per minute de-matting
  • Small De-matt shave…….+25.00

Coming Soon

Creative Grooming with OPAWZ

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Happy Clients

I highly recommend Haus of Hounds!  Your pet will be well taken care of!

Dorian S.

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